Al Aman World Capital Centre is proposed as a major financial and business hub to create as well as promote an environment conductive for finance based activities such as banking with supporting facilities in a single, central location. A world class skyscraper tower is envisaged to house Al Aman World Capital Center with other added attractions such as exhibition spaces, retail outlets and facilities for leisure activities.Al Aman Capital Group Ltd., will house their new venture ‘The World Capital Center’ within the proposed new skyscraper (to be the tallest building in the island if not the region). As an international franchise it will commence with its South Asian Head Quarters in Sri Lanka eventually expanding with main offices in Dubai, UAE., East Asia and Europe.The venture will introduce a novel concept for a Capital Center abiding with local/international Law, Regulations, and Policies while providing complete Capital Solutions at one location.

Sri Lanka being centrally located in South Asia is perfectly poised to be the launch pad for the Capital Center owing to all the bi-lateral trade agreements, close ties with the developing nations and the long trade history with the rest of the world. While many International Banks have been operating in Sri Lanka for decades, the ending of the war has seen the expat community blooming together with large multinational companies looking to invest in new businesses or to open up branches. Within the region Sri Lanka is very easy to do business with and eventually has the potential to become what Dubai is to the Middle East, what London is to Europe, what Singapore is to South-East Asia or what New York is to the Americas.WCC intends to be the first Financial Center to offer an innovative vehicle for Investment Companies to have their South Asian base here.

WCC is also planning to form its own Investment Company to enable direct funding of projects. These may be in the form of Equity Capital, Debt Capital, Micro Financing or even investing in the Bond Markets. An International Stock Market is also intended not only to trade in mature existing markets but also to assist emerging markets or companies to raise funds.The WCC Headquarters, supported by the Al Aman Group, will be housed in the new proposed 110 floor skyscraper together with other companies dealing in Precious Metals, Real Estate, Petroleum Products, Gems, Jewelry, Leisure Development (Hotels/Resorts) etc. The building will be complete with luxurious amenities such as Residential & Serviced Apartments, Business Centers, Leisure/Recreational areas together with a 7star Hotel offering International flavors and will boast of the first Michelin Star rated restaurant in South Asia.

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