Al Aman Group founded in 2001 has been a leader in the Construction Industry and set up Aman Media Corporation as a subsidiary company in the year 2013.

Aman Media Corporation has its own set of goals and objectives in order to deliver an outstanding service to our clients. These services include many BPO and KPO projects. In addition to these main projects, our teams of dedicated staff work around the clock to produce media solutions such as Web Development, Web Hosting, Graphics, Video Editing, Information Technology, Multimedia, CCTV and Telecommunication systems.We strive to be the best at what we do and have gained recognition as a leader in the industry.

This has always been Aman Media Corporations vision since establishment. Our side projects include setting up of an online help desk for our existing and potential clients with a special team of dedicated staff monitoring as well as providing information to the general public 24/7.While Al Aman Group remain as our largest client we also have other satisfied client s both in the small and large business categories. We have delivered excellent solutions which have been implemented and are in active use all over.Given the opportunity our talented, dedicated and capable team promises to deliver a quality solutions package to suit each client’s individual needs.