Aman Brands Pvt

Aman Brands Pvt., Ltd., is a subsidiary of Al Aman Group manufacturing and exporting high quality apparel under our own brands such as ‘artist’, ‘Lincamo’, ‘Juliet Angel’, ‘Aman Uniforms’, ‘Aman Kids’ etc.

We specialize in serving our customers from the point of designing to the shipment stage. To elaborate on our brands we give below the brands and items:

‘artist’             – Men’s Casual/Office Wear, T-Shirts etc.,

‘Lincamo’        – Denim Pants, Boxer Shorts, Trousers etc.,

‘Juliet Angel’  – Ladies Jeans, Blouses, Tee Shirts, Lingerie, Abayas etc.,

‘Aman Kids’    – The best designed colorful apparel for kids

Apart from the above ‘ Aman Uniforms’ are experts in supplying various designs of uniforms to Hospitals, Construction Companies and other entities requiring uniforms for their personnel.

With our own production facilities manned by skilled professionals we fulfill the most demanding customer requests. To satisfy the customer we are always in touch with the latest trends and fashions which is our  guiding light.

Apart from the above we market Customer Essentials based on individual requirements and tastes.